Earn Bitcoins

The Signature Program pays you to set your profile signature to promote our site. You must have a minimum of 25 activity points to participate in the program. Newbie accounts are not elligible. The program detals are as follows:

Payout Payouts reflect the fact that your signature line can have different levels of styling and linking based on your forum status.

Newbie : 0.000002 * (Forum Activity) Per Week
Jr. Member : 0.000005 * (Forum Activity) Per Week
Member : 0.000010 * (Forum Activity) Per Week
Full Member : 0.000015 * (Forum Activity) Per Week
Sr. Member : 0.000020 * (Forum Activity) Per Week
Hero Member : 0.000020 * (Forum Activity) Per Week
Administrator : 0.000020 * (Forum Activity) Per Week

For example, if you are a Member on the forum and you have 85 activity points, your payout would be 0.000850 per week.

Max Weekly Payout 0.010
Min Weekly Posts You must create 25 posts per week to receive payment. Post counts are not “rolled over” week to week.
Payment Terms
  • You will be paid 1 week in advance immediately upon joining the program. You will then be paid weekly provided that you have met the program’s requirements throughout the preceeding week.
  • Your payment will be deposited into your account. It can be withdrawn to any Bitcoin address immediately.
Signature Requirements There is an automated process that checks your signature several times per day. You must maintain our signature line as the first element of your profile signature. You may not change the appearance of our signature code in any way. You may have additional signature content after ours provided that it does not conflict with our marketing goals.